ProgDay 2003 Photo Essay

These are the photos from Progday 2003, just as they came out of the camera - no cropping, no cleanup, no refinement. The good ones, the dark ones, the blurry ones... everything. Keep in mind that most of sunday it was raining and the light was really poor. To further compound the problems, the camera battery started dying during Nick D'Virgilio's set on sunday... (the spare accidentally left in the hotel room) The flash stopped working altogether during Arti e Mestieri's set, and then finally the battery died completely and we could shoot no more.

Friday Night Pre-Show

Smokin' Granny

Ozone Quartet





Borg Symphony

Nick D'Virgilio

Samla Mammas Manna


Forever Einstein


Wishbone Ash

Nick D'Virgilio

Arti e Mestieri

Miscellaneous Photos

above: Mike Potter, recording the proceedings.
Below: The Progday Dog caught raiding the trash bag

Above: Mike Prete, Sean McFee, Paul & Deb Sears.
Below: Local Attendee Mal Humes (good choice of reading material, Mal!)

Above: Jason, intently reading his favorite magazine.
Below: View from the sound tent. By this time it was raining fairly steady

Above: Steve, hangin' out in the vendor tent to escape the precipitation.
Did you really eat all those cheetos, Steve? :-)