Why Advertise in Exposť?

Our readership consists of seasoned progressive music fans seeking to expand their horizons beyond the usual fare. Your ad will draw the necessary attention to your products or services, to complement our coverage and reviews.

Deadlines for issue #40:
Advertising Rates:

Size / Size Specifications: (inches/picas/cm) / Cost
Eighth Page 3.6 X 2.5 22p0 X 15p0 9.2 X 6.3 $20
Sixth Page Vertical 2.3 X 5 14p0 X 30p0 6.0 X 12.7 $25
Quarter Page Vertical 3.6 X 5 22p0 X 30p0 9.2 X 12.7 $40
Quarter Page Horizontal 7.5 X 2.5 45p0 X 15p0 19 X 6.3 $40
Third Page Vertical 2.3 X 10.25 14p0 X 61p0 6.0 X 26 $55
Half Page Vertical 3.6 X 10.25 22p0 X 61p0 9.2 X 26 $75
Half Page Horizontal 7.5 X 5 45p0 X 30p0 19 X 12.7 $75
Full Page 7.5 X 10.25 45p0 X 61p0 19 X 26 $150
Full Page, Back Cover 7.5 X 10.25 45p0 X 61p0 19 X 26 $165
Volume Discount: 10% off each ad, when placing prepaid ads in 3 or more consecutive issues. Ads need not be the same size.

Our policy regarding ad placement:

Full, Half (horizontal) and Quarter (horizontal) ads will be placed on a right hand page whenever possible. Half (vertical), Third, and Quarter (vertical) ads will be placed on outside columns and/or on right hand pages when possible. Eighth and Sixth page ads will be placed wherever they will fit (although we will attempt to keep them on outside columns). Repeat ads, and those which arrive earliest will receive best positioning
Our policy is to NOT place ads and reviews of the advertised items on the same page or on a facing page. In our opinion this gives the impression that the review was 'paid for' by the purchase of an ad, and cheapens the credibility of the review and the publication.

Concerning Artwork & Layout:

Size of your ad must conform to the specifications above. May contain text, graphics and scanned images, but should be no finer than 133 line screen.
All ads must be submitted as files, either on media or (preferably) via email attachments. The following file formats are acceptable: Quark X Press (w/all fonts and linked files supplied), Adobe Illustrator EPS (convert all type to outlines and include all placed images), Photoshop EPS, TIFF, or JPEG (no less than 250 dpi AT FULL SIZE), all Macintosh preferred.
NOTE: Web based graphics are typically NOT SUITABLE for print reproduction due to their low resolution (72 dpi) and usually small physical size. If you are considering using web-based graphics in your ad materials, please consult with us first.
All digital ad files up to 10MB total size may be submitted via e-mail to paulrus@att.net All ads over 10MB should be mailed via Zip Disk or CD-ROM to:
Exposť, 881 State Street #140-404, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
If you have any questions regarding the suitability of your ad materials, please contact Paul Hightower via e-mail at paulrus@att.net.

Payment: in U.S.Dollars, by Check drawn on U.S.bank, International Money Order, or Cash in a Registered Letter. Pre-Payment is due with receipt of the artwork (unless special arrangements have been made).

To reserve an ad in our next issue, email: ptlk@expose.org. Note that you MUST reserve in advance.

Payment should be sent to the following address:

881 State Street #140-404
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Please note that we can also accept payment via paypal, sent to: ptlk@expose.org