xposť is America's premier quarterly publication specializing in the music the record and radio industries stubbornly choose to ignore. Our focus is outside the mainstream, in the progressive and experimental hinterlands where rock meets jazz, classical meets folk, electronic meets avant-garde, and so on. Our philosophical approach to music is critical....Exposť is not a fanzine; both our readers and the artists we cover are better served by an honest assessment of the progressive underground . With over a thousand releases coming out of this scene each year, it's important to have a tool to help sort out the good from the great, and the mediocre from the poor, especially when many of these releases are only available as costly imports through mail-order suppliers. Exposť strives to be that tool. Every issue features interviews with the artists, reviews of their releases, overviews of their careers, profiles of the labels, and much more. Just like the music we cover in Exposť, our Page is in a contant state of growth and refinement. What you see here tomorrow may be different than what you see here today. We encourage you to visit often. Make Exposť your home page.

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