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Amazing Blondel

Amazing Blondel
Amazing Blondel was an English band that combined medieval and baroque instruments with modern sounds.
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Blondel — The Amazing Elsie Emerald Blondel — The Amazing Elsie Emerald
(Talking Elephant TECD162, 2010, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Dead: Live in Transylvania Amazing Blondel — Dead: Live in Transylvania
(Talking Elephant TECD171, 2010, CD)
Amazing Blondel — On with the Show (In Per Ostendo) Amazing Blondel — On with the Show (In Per Ostendo)
(Secret Records CRIDE 72Z, 1989/2007, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Live in Tokyo Amazing Blondel — Live in Tokyo
(Talking Elephant TECD144, 1977/2009, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Bad Dreams Amazing Blondel — Bad Dreams
(Talking Elephant TECD145, 1976/2009, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Inspiration Amazing Blondel — Inspiration
(Talking Elephant TECD140, 1975/2009, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Mulgrave Street Amazing Blondel — Mulgrave Street
(Talking Elephant TECD141, 1974/2009, CD)
Blondel — Blondel Blondel — Blondel
(Edsel EDCD 460, 1973/1995, CD)
Amazing Blondel — A Foreign Field That Is Forever England - Live Abroad Amazing Blondel — A Foreign Field That Is Forever England - Live Abroad
(Castle CMACD 543, 1973/1999, CD)
Amazing Blondel — England Amazing Blondel — England
(Si Wan SRMC 0041, 1972/1995, CD)
Amazing Blondel  — Englische Musicke Amazing Blondel — Englische Musicke
(Edsel EDCD 365, 1972/1993, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Fantasia Lindum Amazing Blondel — Fantasia Lindum
(Edsel EDCD 459, 1971/1995, CD)
Amazing Blondel — The Amazing Blondel and a Few Faces Amazing Blondel — The Amazing Blondel and a Few Faces
(Edsel EDCD 421, 1970/1995, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Evensong Amazing Blondel — Evensong
(Edsel EDCD 458, 1970/1995, CD)

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