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Tony Banks

Tony Banks
Anthony George Banks (born 27 March 1950) is an English musician, songwriter, singer, and film composer primarily known as the keyboardist and founding member of the rock band Genesis. He has been present in every incarnation of the group. In the 80s, he began writing music for movies, and and since written orchestral music as well.
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Releases on file (32)
Tony Banks — Five Tony Banks — Five
(BMG 538356892, 2018, CD)
Various Artists — In the Land of Geese, Ghosts and Confusion - Tribute to Genesis Solo Careers Various Artists — In the Land of Geese, Ghosts and Confusion - Tribute to Genesis Solo Careers
(Mellow MMP553A/B, 2014, 2CD)
Tony Banks — Six Pieces for Orchestra Tony Banks — Six Pieces for Orchestra
(Naxos 8.572986, 2012, CD)
Tony Banks — Seven - A Suite for Orchestra Tony Banks — Seven - A Suite for Orchestra
(Naxos 8.557466, 2004, CD)
Genesis — 1983 - 1998 Genesis — 1983 - 1998
(Atlantic R2 302460, 1998/2007, 5CD+5DVD)
Genesis — ...Calling All Stations... Genesis — ...Calling All Stations...
(Virgin GENCD 6, 1996, CD)
Various Artists — Supernatural Fairy Tales Various Artists — Supernatural Fairy Tales
(Rhino Records R2 72451, 1996, 5CD)
Genesis — Archive #2: 1976-1992 Genesis — Archive #2: 1976-1992
(Atlantic 83410-2, 1992/2000, 3CD)
Tony Banks — Still Tony Banks — Still
(Virgin CDV 2658, 1991, CD)
Genesis — We Can't Dance Genesis — We Can't Dance
(Virgin GEN CD3, 1991, CD)
Genesis — Invisible Touch Genesis — Invisible Touch
(Charisma GENLP 2, 1986, LP)
Tony Banks — Soundtracks Tony Banks — Soundtracks
(Atlantic 81680-1, 1986, LP)
Tony Banks — The Fugitive Tony Banks — The Fugitive
(Esoteric Recordings ECLEC2533, 1983/2016, CD)
Genesis — Genesis Genesis — Genesis
(Charisma GENLP 1, 1983, LP)
Tony Banks — The Wicked Lady (Original Soundtrack) Tony Banks — The Wicked Lady (Original Soundtrack)
(Fugitive Inc TB001, 1983/2013, CD)
Genesis — 1976-1982 Genesis — 1976-1982
(Rhino Records R2 125436, 1982/2007, 6CD+6DVD)
Genesis — Three Sides Live Genesis — Three Sides Live
(Charisma GE 2002, 1982, 2LP)
Genesis — Abacab Genesis — Abacab
(Charisma CBR 102, 1981, LP)
Genesis — Duke Genesis — Duke
(Charisma CBR 101, 1980, LP)
Tony Banks — A Curious Feeling Tony Banks — A Curious Feeling
(Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 22532, 1979/2016, CD)
Genesis — ...And Then There Were Three... Genesis — ...And Then There Were Three...
(Charisma CDS 4010, 1978, LP)
Genesis — Seconds Out Genesis — Seconds Out
(Charisma GE 2001, 1977, 2LP)
Genesis — Wind & Wuthering Genesis — Wind & Wuthering
(Charisma CDS 4005, 1977, LP)
Genesis — A Trick of the Tail Genesis — A Trick of the Tail
(Charisma CDS 4001, 1976, LP)
Genesis — Archive 1967-75 Genesis — Archive 1967-75
(Atlantic 82858-2, 1975/1998, CD)
Genesis — The Lamb Lies down on Broadway Genesis — The Lamb Lies down on Broadway
(Charisma CGS 101, 1974, 2LP)
Genesis — Live Genesis — Live
(Charisma CAS 1666, 1973, LP)
Genesis — Selling England by the Pound Genesis — Selling England by the Pound
(Charisma CAS 1074, 1973, LP)
Genesis — Foxtrot Genesis — Foxtrot
(Charisma CAS 1058, 1972, LP)
Genesis — Nursery Cryme Genesis — Nursery Cryme
(Charisma CAS 1052, 1971, LP)
Genesis — Trespass Genesis — Trespass
(Charisma CAS 1020, 1970, LP)
Genesis — From Genesis to Revelation Genesis — From Genesis to Revelation
(Decca SKL 4990, 1969, LP)

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