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Deep Purple

Deep Purple
Deep Purple are an English rock band formed in Hertford in 1968. Along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, they are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although some band members believe that their music cannot be categorised as belonging to any one genre. The band's earliest music was psychedelic and proto-progressive, though in the 70s they moved to a more mainstream rock style. Original guitarist Ritchie Blackmore would later form Blackmore's Night; keyboard player Jon Lord is regarded as one of the originators of the heavy, distorted organ tone that became standard in rock bands; singer Ian Gillan joined Black Sabbath for a time; bassist Roger Glover was later in Rainbow; singer David Coverdale (Gillan's replacement) went on to form Whitesnake; guitarist Tommy Bolin briefly replaced Blackmore in the 70s. Later incarnations of the band have featured Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, and Don Airey at various times.
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Releases on file (26)
Deep Purple — Infinite Deep Purple — Infinite
(Eagle Records , 2017, CD)
Deep Purple — Now What?! Deep Purple — Now What?!
(Eagle Records ER203162, 2013, CD)
Panzerballett — Starke Stücke Panzerballett — Starke Stücke
(ACT 9661-2, 2008, CD)
Deep Purple — Rapture of the Deep Deep Purple — Rapture of the Deep
(Eagle Records ER 20083-2, 2005, CD)
Deep Purple — Bananas Deep Purple — Bananas
(Sanctuary Records 06076-86351-2, 2003, CD)
Deep Purple — New, Live & Rare: The Video Collection 1984-2000 Deep Purple — New, Live & Rare: The Video Collection 1984-2000
(Thompson Music Management, 2000, DVD)
Deep Purple — Abandon Deep Purple — Abandon
(CMC 06076 86250-2, 1998, CD)
Deep Purple — Purpendicular Deep Purple — Purpendicular
(CMC 0607686201-2, 1996, CD)
Deep Purple — The Battle Rages On Deep Purple — The Battle Rages On
(BMG 9 24517-2, 1993, CD)
Deep Purple — Slaves and Masters Deep Purple — Slaves and Masters
(BMG 2421-2-R, 1990, CD)
Deep Purple — Nobody's Perfect Deep Purple — Nobody's Perfect
(Mercury 314 546 128-2, 1988/1999, 2CD)
Deep Purple — The House of Blue Light Deep Purple — The House of Blue Light
(Mercury 314 546 162-2, 1986/1999, CD)
Deep Purple — Perfect Strangers Deep Purple — Perfect Strangers
(Mercury 314 546 045-2, 1984/1999, CD)
Deep Purple — Come Taste the Band Deep Purple — Come Taste the Band
(Purple TPSA 7515, 1975, LP)
Deep Purple — Burn Deep Purple — Burn
(Purple TPS 3505, 1974, LP)
Deep Purple — Stormbringer Deep Purple — Stormbringer
(Purple TPS 3508, 1974, LP)
Deep Purple — Who Do We Think We Are Deep Purple — Who Do We Think We Are
(Purple TPSA 7508, 1973, LP)
Deep Purple — In Concert Deep Purple — In Concert
(Eagle Records ER202302, 1972/2000, CD)
Deep Purple — Machine Head Deep Purple — Machine Head
(Purple TPSA 7504, 1972, LP)
Deep Purple — Made in Japan Deep Purple — Made in Japan
(Purple 1C 188-93 915/916, 1972, 2LP)
Deep Purple — Fireball Deep Purple — Fireball
(Harvest SHVL 793, 1971, LP)
Deep Purple — In Rock Deep Purple — In Rock
(Harvest SHVL 777, 1970, LP)
Deep Purple — Concerto for Group and Orchestra Deep Purple — Concerto for Group and Orchestra
(Harvest SHVL 767, 1969, LP)
Deep Purple — Deep Purple Deep Purple — Deep Purple
(Eagle Records ER202232, 1969/2000, CD)
Deep Purple — The Book of Taliesyn Deep Purple — The Book of Taliesyn
(Eagle Records ER202222, 1968/2000, CD)
Deep Purple — Shades of Deep Purple Deep Purple — Shades of Deep Purple
(Eagle Records ER202242, 1968/2000, CD)

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