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Gordon Giltrap

Gordon Giltrap
Gordon Giltrap (born 6 April 1948 in Brenchley, Kent) is an English acoustic and electric guitarist and composer. His musical styles cross several genres, including folk, blues, folk rock, pop, classical and rock. He first gained recognition on the British folk circuit in the mid-60s, and signed a contract with Transatlantic Records. Starting in the mid-70s, his work became more and more diverse, and he came to be regarded as a notable innovative guitarist.
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Releases on file (14)
Gordon Giltrap & Oliver Wakeman — Ravens & Lullabies Gordon Giltrap & Oliver Wakeman — Ravens & Lullabies
(Esoteric Recordings Antenna EANTCD 1013, 2013, CD)
Gordon Giltrap — Collection Gordon Giltrap — Collection
(La Cooka Ratcha LCVP117CD, 2001, 2CD)
Gordon Giltrap — Elegy Gordon Giltrap — Elegy
(La Cooka Ratcha LCVP107CD, 2000, CD)
Gordon Giltrap — Troubadour Gordon Giltrap — Troubadour
(La Cooka Ratcha LCVP147CD, 1998/2001, 2CD)
Gordon Giltrap & Ric Sanders — One to One Gordon Giltrap & Ric Sanders — One to One
(Nico Polo NP002, 1989, CD)
Gordon Giltrap Band — In at the Deep End Gordon Giltrap Band — In at the Deep End
(KPM 1330, 1984, LP)
Gordon Giltrap — The Peacock Party Gordon Giltrap — The Peacock Party
(Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2453, 1979/2014, CD)
Gordon Giltrap — Fear of the Dark Gordon Giltrap — Fear of the Dark
(Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2402 , 1978/2013, CD)
Gordon Giltrap — Perilous Journey Gordon Giltrap — Perilous Journey
(Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2401, 1977/2013, CD)
Gordon Giltrap — Visionary Gordon Giltrap — Visionary
(Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2400, 1976/2014, CD)
Gordon Giltrap — Giltrap Gordon Giltrap — Giltrap
(Philips 6308 175, 1973, LP)
Gordon Giltrap — A Testament of Time Gordon Giltrap — A Testament of Time
(La Cooka Ratcha LCVP157CD, 1971/2001, CD)
Gordon Giltrap — Portrait Gordon Giltrap — Portrait
(Transatlantic TRA 202, 1969, LP)
Gordon Giltrap — Gordon Giltrap Gordon Giltrap — Gordon Giltrap
(Transatlantic TRA 175, 1968, LP)

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