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Bill Mumy

Bill Mumy
United States
Charles William Mumy Jr., best known as Bill Mumy, is an American actor and musician born February 1, 1954, in San Gabriel, California. After achieving fame as a child actor playing Will Robinson on Lost in Space, and being featured in a number of other movies and TV shows, starting in the early 70s, he formed a musical partnership with Robert Haimer known as Barnes & Barnes, recording novelty and avant-garde music. He has pursued a solo career and recorded and toured with a number of bands.
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Releases on file (16)
Bill Mumy — Velour Bill Mumy — Velour
(Global Recording Artists, 2016, CD)
Bill Mumy — Ten Days Bill Mumy — Ten Days
(Global Recording Artists, 2015, CD)
Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin — Fish Drive Edsels Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin — Fish Drive Edsels
(Electric Phantom no#, 2012, CD / DL)
Bill Mumy — Illuminations Bill Mumy — Illuminations
(Global Recording Artists, 2012, CD)
Bill Mumy — Until the Big Bang Whimpers Bill Mumy — Until the Big Bang Whimpers
((Not on label) no#, 2011, CD)
Bill Mumy — Glorious in Defeat Bill Mumy — Glorious in Defeat
(Global Recording Artists, 2010, CD)
Bill Mumy — Carnival Sky Bill Mumy — Carnival Sky
(Global Recording Artists, 2009, CD)
Bill Mumy — Speechless Bill Mumy — Speechless
(Global Recording Artists, 2009, CD)
Bill Mumy — Circular Bill Mumy — Circular
(Global Recording Artists, 2008, CD)
Bill Mumy — Thank You Kindly Bill Mumy — Thank You Kindly
(Global Recording Artists, 2008, CD)
Bill Mumy — The Landlord or the Guest Bill Mumy — The Landlord or the Guest
(Global Recording Artists, 2007, CD)
Bill Mumy — With Big Ideas Bill Mumy — With Big Ideas
(Global Recording Artists, 2006, CD)
Bill Mumy — After Dreams Come True Bill Mumy — After Dreams Come True
(Global Recording Artists, 2001, CD)
Bill Mumy — Pandora's Box Bill Mumy — Pandora's Box
(Global Recording Artists, 2000, CD)
Bill Mumy — In the Current Bill Mumy — In the Current
(Renaissance RMED00199, 1999, CD)
Bill Mumy — Dying to Be Heard Bill Mumy — Dying to Be Heard
(Infinite Visions no#, 1997, CD)

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