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Passport is a German jazz-rock band formed in 1971 by saxophonist Klaus Doldinger. The band has existed more or less continually since then, with a revolving personnel centered around Doldinger.
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Passport — Running in Real Time Passport — Running in Real Time
(Wounded Bird WOU 1251, 1985/2001, CD)
Passport — Man in the Mirror Passport — Man in the Mirror
(Wounded Bird WOU 144, 1983/2001, CD)
Passport — Earthborn Passport — Earthborn
(Wounded Bird WOU 8034, 1982/2006, CD)
Passport — Blue Tattoo Passport — Blue Tattoo
(WEA 2292-42178-2, 1981/1990, CD)
Klaus Doldinger + Passport — Lifelike Klaus Doldinger + Passport — Lifelike
(WEA 2292-46478-2, 1980/1991, 2CD)
Passport — Ocean Liner Passport — Ocean Liner
(WEA 2292-46479-2, 1980/1990, CD)
Passport — Garden of Eden Passport — Garden of Eden
(Wounded Bird WOU 9233, 1979/2008, CD)
Passport — Ataraxia Passport — Ataraxia
(Wounded Bird WOU 9177, 1978/2008, CD)
Passport — Iguaçu Passport — Iguaçu
(Wounded Bird WOU 149, 1977/2001, CD)
Passport — Infinity Machine Passport — Infinity Machine
(Wounded Bird WOU 132, 1976/2001, CD)
Passport — Cross-Collateral Passport — Cross-Collateral
(Wounded Bird WOU 187, 1975/2002, CD)
Passport — Doldinger Jubilee '75 Passport — Doldinger Jubilee '75
(Wounded Bird WOU 8162, 1975/2001, CD)
Passport — Doldinger Jubilee Concert Passport — Doldinger Jubilee Concert
(Wounded Bird WOU 5070, 1974/2008, CD)
Passport — Hand Made Passport — Hand Made
(Wounded Bird WOU 483, 1973/2008, CD)
Passport — Looking Thru Passport — Looking Thru
(Wounded Bird WOU 7042, 1973/2001, CD)
Passport — Second Passport Passport — Second Passport
(Atlantic 2292-244 143-2, 1972/1988, CD)
Passport — Passport Passport — Passport
(Wounded Bird WOU 299, 1971/2009, CD)

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