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Daryl Stuermer

Daryl Stuermer
United States
Daryl Mark Stuermer is an American guitarist and bassist (born 27 November 1952 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) who has had an extensive career in jazz as well as being the live guitarist with Phil Collins and Genesis (1980-1995 & 2007).
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Daryl Stuermer — Breaking Cover Daryl Stuermer — Breaking Cover
(Urban Island, 2016, CD)
Mystery — One among the Living Mystery — One among the Living
(Unicorn Digital UNCR-5080, 2010, CD)
Darryl Steurmer — Go Darryl Steurmer — Go
(Inside Out Music IOMCD 257, 2007, CD)
Daryl Stuermer — Retrofit Daryl Stuermer — Retrofit
(Urban Island 6 56437 19652 8, 2004, CD)
Phil Collins — Testify Phil Collins — Testify
(Atlantic 081227951887 , 2002/2016, 2CD)
Daryl Stuermer — Waiting in the Wings Daryl Stuermer — Waiting in the Wings
(Urban Island, 2001, CD)
Daryl Stuermer — Another Side of Genesis Daryl Stuermer — Another Side of Genesis
(Urban Island, 2000, CD)
Phil Collins — Dance into the Light Phil Collins — Dance into the Light
(Atlantic 081227952129, 1996/2016, 2CD)
Daryl Stuermer — 1995 Daryl Stuermer — 1995
(Hit & Run, 1995, CD)
Genesis — Archive #2: 1976-1992 Genesis — Archive #2: 1976-1992
(Atlantic 83410-2, 1992/2000, 3CD)
Tony Banks — Still Tony Banks — Still
(Virgin CDV 2658, 1991, CD)
Phil Collins — ...But Seriously Phil Collins — ...But Seriously
(Atlantic 081227946487, 1989/2016, 2CD)
Daryl Stuermer — Steppin' Out Daryl Stuermer — Steppin' Out
(GRP GRD-9573, 1988, CD)
Phil Collins — No Jacket Required Phil Collins — No Jacket Required
(Atlantic 081227951900, 1985/2016, 2CD)
Tony Banks — The Fugitive Tony Banks — The Fugitive
(Esoteric Recordings ECLEC2533, 1983/2016, CD)
Mike Rutherford — Acting Very Strange Mike Rutherford — Acting Very Strange
(Virgin CASCD1150, 1982/1993, CD)
Phil Collins — Hello, I Must Be Going! Phil Collins — Hello, I Must Be Going!
(Atlantic 081227952105, 1982/2016, 2CD)
Genesis — Three Sides Live Genesis — Three Sides Live
(Charisma GE 2002, 1982, 2LP)
Phil Collins — Face Value Phil Collins — Face Value
(Atlantic 081227953942, 1981/2019, 2CD)
Jean-Luc Ponty — Civilized Evil Jean-Luc Ponty — Civilized Evil
(Atlantic 16020-2, 1980/1984, CD)
Jean-Luc Ponty — Enigmatic Ocean Jean-Luc Ponty — Enigmatic Ocean
(Atlantic 19110-2, 1977/1990, CD)
Jean-Luc Ponty — Aurora Jean-Luc Ponty — Aurora
(Atlantic 19158-2, 1976/1990, CD)
Jean-Luc Ponty — Imaginary Voyage Jean-Luc Ponty — Imaginary Voyage
(Atlantic 19136-2, 1976/1990, CD)
George Duke — Liberated Fantasies George Duke — Liberated Fantasies
(MPS G22835, 1976, LP)
George Duke — I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry George Duke — I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry
(Verve B0012019-02, 1975/2008, CD)

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