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Toyah Willcox

Toyah Willcox
Toyah Ann Willcox (often known professionally as simply Toyah) is an English singer and actress born 18 May 1958 in Kings Heath, Birmingham. Between 1977 and 1983 she fronted the band Toyah, before embarking on a solo career in the mid-80s. She was known at that time for her flamboyant stage costumes. In 1986, she married guitarist Robert Fripp, and since that time has worked on a number of projects with him, including the group Sunday All over the World.
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Releases on file (20)
The Humans — Strange Tales The Humans — Strange Tales
(Vertical Species HUMCD03, 2015, CD)
The Humans — Sugar Rush The Humans — Sugar Rush
(Vertical Species HUMCD02, 2011, CD)
This Fragile Moment — This Fragile Moment This Fragile Moment — This Fragile Moment
(Unsung UR012CD, 2009, CD)
Toyah — In the Court of the Crimson Queen Toyah — In the Court of the Crimson Queen
(Willow WILLCD01, 2008, CD)
The Humans — We Are the Humans The Humans — We Are the Humans
(HUMCD01X, 2008, CD)
Toyah — Velvet Lined Shell Toyah — Velvet Lined Shell
(Vertical Species VSR001CD, 2003, CD)
Trey Gunn — The Third Star Trey Gunn — The Third Star
(Discipline DGM9606, 1996, CD)
Toyah — Dreamchild Toyah — Dreamchild
(Cherry Red CDMRED 451, 1994/2010, CD)
Sunday All over the World — Kneeling at the Shrine Sunday All over the World — Kneeling at the Shrine
(E.G. Records EEG 2101-2, 1991, CD)
Toyah — Ophelia's Shadow Toyah — Ophelia's Shadow
(Veritcal Species VSR002CD, 1991/2003, CD)
Toyah — Prostitute Toyah — Prostitute
(Vertical Species VSR003CD, 1988/2003, CD)
Toyah — Desire Toyah — Desire
(Virgin EGCD 71, 1987, CD)
Toyah & Fripp — The Lady or the Tiger? Toyah & Fripp — The Lady or the Tiger?
(E.G. Records EGED 44, 1986, LP)
Toyah — Minx Toyah — Minx
(Edsel DIAB 8074, 1985/2005, CD)
Toyah — Love Is the Law Toyah — Love Is the Law
(Edsel DIAB 8072, 1983/2005, CD)
Toyah — The Changeling Toyah — The Changeling
(Connoisseur EVSOP CD 264, 1982/1999, CD)
Toyah — Anthem Toyah — Anthem
(Connoisseur EVSOP CD 263, 1981/1999, CD)
Toyah — The Blue Meaning Toyah — The Blue Meaning
(Great Expectations PIP CD 015, 1980/1990, CD)
Toyah — Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! Toyah — Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!
(Cherry Red CDM RED 299, 1980/2006, CD)
Toyah — Sheep Farming in Barnet Toyah — Sheep Farming in Barnet
(Great Expectations PIP CD 014, 1979/1990, CD)

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