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Talking Elephant

Talking Elephant
44 (0)20 8301 2828
8 Martin Dene, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 8NA, UK
English label releasing folk and folk-rock, though not exclusively.
Releases on file (31)
Wishbone Ash — Illuminations Wishbone Ash — Illuminations
(Talking Elephant TECD012, 1996, CD)
Groundhogs — Solid Groundhogs — Solid
(Talking Elephant TECD 025, 1974/2001, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Nouveau Calls Wishbone Ash — Nouveau Calls
(Talking Elephant TECD050, 1987/2002, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Here to Hear Wishbone Ash — Here to Hear
(Talking Elephant TECD049, 1989/2002, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Strange Affair Wishbone Ash — Strange Affair
(Talking Elephant TECD048, 1991/2003, CD)
Fairport Convention — Jewel in the Crown Fairport Convention — Jewel in the Crown
(Talking Elephant TECD067, 1995/2004, CD)
Pete Bardens — Big Sky Pete Bardens — Big Sky
(Talking Elephant TECD070, 1994/2004, CD)
Caravan — All over You Caravan — All over You
(Talking Elephant ECD090, 1996/2006, CD)
Gryphon — Gryphon Gryphon — Gryphon
(Talking Elephant TECD117, 1973/2007, CD)
Gryphon — Midnight Mushrumps Gryphon — Midnight Mushrumps
(Talking Elephant TECD113, 1974/2007, CD)
Gryphon — Red Queen to Gryphon Three Gryphon — Red Queen to Gryphon Three
(Talking Elephant TECD112, 1974/2007, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Argus Wishbone Ash — Argus "Then Again" Live
(Talking Elephant TECD133, 2008, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Live in Tokyo Amazing Blondel — Live in Tokyo
(Talking Elephant TECD144, 1977/2009, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Inspiration Amazing Blondel — Inspiration
(Talking Elephant TECD140, 1975/2009, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Bad Dreams Amazing Blondel — Bad Dreams
(Talking Elephant TECD145, 1976/2009, CD)
Horslips — The Man Who Built America Horslips — The Man Who Built America
(Talking Elephant MOOCCD017, 1978/2009, CD)
Horslips — Book of Invasions Horslips — Book of Invasions
(Talking Elephant MOOCCD012, 1976/2009, CD)
Gryphon — Treason Gryphon — Treason
(Talking Elephant TECD149, 1977/2009, CD)
Amazing Blondel — Dead: Live in Transylvania Amazing Blondel — Dead: Live in Transylvania
(Talking Elephant TECD171, 2010, CD)
Blondel — The Amazing Elsie Emerald Blondel — The Amazing Elsie Emerald
(Talking Elephant TECD162, 2010, CD)
Gryphon — Raindance Gryphon — Raindance
(Talking Elephant TECD166, 1975/2010, CD)
Bread Love and Dreams — Bread Love and Dreams Bread Love and Dreams — Bread Love and Dreams
(Talking Elephant TECD195, 1969/2012, CD)
Sopwith Camel — Sopwith Camel Sopwith Camel — Sopwith Camel
(Talking Elephant TECD203, 1967/2012, CD)
Colosseum — Those Who Are About to Die Salute You Colosseum — Those Who Are About to Die Salute You
(Talking Elephant TECD222, 1969/2013, CD)
Jon Anderson — Deseo Jon Anderson — Deseo
(Talking Elephant TECD216, 1994/2013, CD)
Wishbone Ash — First Light Wishbone Ash — First Light
(Talking Elephant TECD108, 1970/2014, CD)
Wishbone Ash — The Power of Eternity Wishbone Ash — The Power of Eternity
(Talking Elephant TECD258, 2007/2014, 2CD)
Wishbone Ash — Bona Fide Wishbone Ash — Bona Fide
(Talking Elephant TECD256, 2002/2014, 2CD)
Wishbone Ash — Bare Bones Wishbone Ash — Bare Bones
(Talking Elephant TECD254, 1999/2014, 2CD)
Steeleye Span — Ten Man Mop, or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again Steeleye Span — Ten Man Mop, or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again
(Talking Elephant TECD316, 1971/2016, CD)
Steeleye Span — Please to See the King Steeleye Span — Please to See the King
(Talking Elephant TECD317, 1971/2016, CD)

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Help MoonJune Bring Great Music to Life – Like many music lovers around the world, we’ve been thrilled and amazed to hear the recordings that have been released by MoonJune from sessions at La Casa Murada in Spain. Such label stalwarts as Mark Wingfield, Markus Reuter, Asaf Sirkis, Tony Levin, Dusan Jevtovic, Vasil Hadzimanov, and many more have gathered in various combinations at the studio to produce some of the most creative music in recent years. Now, label head Leonardo Pavkovic is offering a compilation, La Casa Murada - MoonJune Sessions, Volume One, as a fundraiser for upcoming sessions. » Read more

The Pineapple Thief to Tour North America – November and December of 2019 will see The Pineapple Thief bringing their music to Canada, Mexico, and the US, and famed drummer Gavin Harrison will be on board. The band has been touring extensively in Europe, but North America will be new territory for them. » Read more

Scott Walker RIP – Noel Scott Engel, better known as Scott Walker, was one of the most intriguing and enigmatic musical figures in the second half of the 20th Century. His strange career started with The Walker Brothers, an American pop group that featured no one named Walker and no brothers. After moving to England in 1965, they had a series of hit singles. Scott's solo work started with Scott in 1967. Starting in the 80s, his work took an increasingly avant-garde turn. » Read more

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